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About My Three Angels

We are a family-owned business run by mother Camille and daughters Angie, Debbie and Jessica. Christmas has always been a wonderful time for our family, especially when we gather around the tree and enjoy the spirit of the season.

For many years we have had something special and unique under our Christmas tree. Our tree skirt was not only different and attractive, it hid the tree stand and trunk better than anything else. Today we are thrilled to share our StandUP Tree Skirt with you and bring a delightful decoration to your home at Christmastime.

Camille and her three angels

Camille and her three angels

“No Ordinary Tree Skirt”


The original StandUP Tree Skirt: “the drum”

Mom loves to tell the story of our first StandUP Tree Skirt:

“In all the years of decorating for the holidays, I never found anything to hide the tree stand that I really liked. I had experimented with skirts, drapes and other items (once I even tried cotton— not so good).

One evening, as my husband and I were about to go out for dinner, I gave my three daughters (then ages 14,12 and 7) a craft idea to work on – figure out how to make the Christmas tree look like it was planted in a red drum. I thought that challenge would keep them busy while we were out.

Never did I expect to find what greeted us when we came home. A beautiful shiny red drum
surrounded the base of our Christmas tree. My three angels had used their terrific imaginations to create a wonderful surprise, which we still lovingly refer to as ‘the drum.’
And that is what I’ve used every year since then. No ordinary tree skirt for me!

Several years ago I began to think seriously about how to make the drum so that others could enjoy it too. Naturally, I turned again to my three daughters who are grown up now and have families of their own. We put our heads together to start our own business, My Three Angels, and to design and produce the StandUP Tree Skirt to share with you.

We have exciting plans for the future to offer more designs and colors so that there can be a StandUP Tree Skirt for every one and every style.”



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